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1 Hello, I'd like to ask when will be the candidates notified about the results? I couldn't find this information on your website. Best regards, ZW
For Undergraduate and Master students and for staffs, all candidates will be notified before end of January 2016: the final selection and reserve list will be disclose on the website. For researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral), we will launch a new call from December 15th to January 31th 2016 and the final selection will be disclose end of March 2016. All applicants for D6 and P6 will be informed that they will have to submit again their application, with a possibility to improve it if they want.
2 What is APU or EPU?

APU means Asian Partner University. This Emma partnerships has 10 partners in Asia, DU, QNU and TLU in Vietnam, RUPP and SRU in Cambodia, NUOL in Laos, YTU in Myanmar, CITI in Mongolia, PSU in Thailand and ADMU in the Philippines.

EPU means European Partner University. This Emma partnerships has 7 partners in Europe, UNS in France, SUN in Italy, BTU in Germany, LBUS in Romania, TUD in Netherland, UE in Portugal and UW in Poland. See the list an more information at the PARTNERS section of the website.

3 What are the selection criteria?

0nce submitted, your application will be graded by at least two assessors, one home and one host assessors. They will fill in two questionnaires, home award criteria and host award criteria you can find at the bottom of the page APPLICATION of the web site. You are strongly encouraged to read and take into account these criteria before submitting your application.

4 Is there any age limit for the staff members who want to apply?

There is no age restriction for staff members.

5 Can I apply for more than one mobility program?

No. As staff member of one of the Asian Partner University (APU), you may apply for Staff mobility or, possibly, for Student mobility (Master, Doctorate, Post doc), but you need to choose as you can only receive one grant. As student you can only be considered for one mobility programme too. If you already benefited of another mobility programme, don't forget that you must have not resided nor have carried out your main activity (studies, work, etc) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the European countries at the time you apply. See "Restrictions" at the bottom of WHO CAN PARTICIPATE section of the web site.

6 Do I have to post or email my documents?

The application for staff or for students must be done online. We do not accept applications or required documents sent through email. You will have to register on the Application Web Site providing a valid email address and a password to login, fill the form and upload the necessary documents. You are allowed to modify/ update your personal data until the deadline of the application process.

7 What are the required documents for the student mobility?

The full list of requiered documents is available at the bottom of the APPLICATION section of the website: 1) Your Curriculum Vitae (preferably in Europass format) 2) Your Transcript of record (most recent available) 3) Your Motivation letter 4) one or more recommendation letter(s) from your professor(s) or colleagues. 5) If TG3 an official document showing you belong to a vulnerable group 6) If physically disable an official document showing your disability 7) If applying for visiting a host labora tory (doctorate or post doctorate), an invitation letter or proof of contact

8 If I am an alumni of one of the Asian Partner University (APU) which mobility is suitable for me?

You can apply to this programme as Target Group 2 (TG2). See the precise definition of target groups in the WHO CAN PARTICIPATE section of the website

9 Will EMMA help in language training?

Most host institutions (European Partner Universities) offer language training courses for the EMMA awardees after arrival. And EMMA may also reimburse your language training costs in case the course is taken in the own country before departure. This has to be discussed with your home and host supervisors when preparing the mobility, before leaving your country.

10 What would be the language of instruction at the host institution?
All European partner universities (EPU) are in non-english speaking countries and teach mainly in the country’s national language. However most of the EPU also provides courses in English. See the websites of the EPU you will visit in the PARTNERS section of the website for detailed information.

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